Data Centres and Computer Rooms are the most important room of any organisation. Unplanned downtime will cause major expense and disruption to your systems and operations, not to mention the potential loss of valuable company revenue.

A Data Centre cleaning schedule is a crucial first step in the process to protect against equipment and system failures caused through contamination. Hardware manufacturers are now dictating that I.T critical environments are maintained to a very high level of cleanliness in order to ensure their equipment is only exposed to the very minimum of contamination.

It has now become vital that a data centre receives an efficient schedule of care to minimise the risk of unplanned downtime. This will in many cases include floor void cleaning, ceiling void cleaning, floor tile cleaning, external rack cleaning, internal rack cleaning, A/C units, PDU's, high level cable trays, trunkings, doors and ledges. In some instances it may be necessary to perform an initial deep clean in order to ensure the facility is brought up to an acceptable standard of cleanliness before regular standard service cleans are performed.

Floor void or under floor void cleaning is a crucial factor to any controlled I.T environment as this helps remove the risk of dangerous traces of contamination from circulating throughout the room and equipment. Machine cleaned vinyl floor tiles will provide a safe non slip surface to walk and give the room that 'clinical clean' appearance. From our vast experience a room that is left in a clean and tidy condition will often result in the staff maintaining this providing a safer all round working environment for both operators and equipment!

Data Centres and Computer Rooms mainly house rows of racks containing an assortment of business critical equipment. Dust and contamination will cause extreme problems if not correctly addressed. All accessible surfaces of equipment are vacuumed using triple stage filtration equipment and wiped where necessary using anti-static cloths. Clean dust free fans and vents will help reduce power consumption and also help address cooling issues.

Data Centres and Computer Rooms are often designed to suit each customer's individual requirements, therefore making each room and environment unique. Our approach to the cleaning operation is to treat every environment on an individual basis. A regular cleaning schedule will be a major step towards protecting and ensuring the smooth efficient operation of your systems. Call us anytime to discuss your Data Centre cleaning and Computer Room cleaning requirements. With over 10 years' experience there isn't anything we haven't seen or encountered, well we think so. You never know you may just surprise us!