We have a quality management system for all specialist cleaning services. This was established when ISO 9002 was applicable. Our quality system ensures adherence to procedure, thereby promoting high quality service provision.

The quality management system is extensive and covers every element of our business from how we carry out cleaning services, through employment, to how we raise an invoice.

Everything focuses on ensuring high quality services and customer satisfaction.

Our quality system covers many issues including:
The key to providing superior services is the quality of staff.

We take great care when interviewing prospective employees. We need to be certain they fit our employment profile and we only use people who have a supported work history. All staff are fully referenced; many will have passed security vetting to allow them to work in high security areas including banks and government bodies.

We only work in supervised teams. Each team member, including the supervisor, is uniformed and carries photo identification. Teams are supported by field managers and in turn by office-based management.
Training plays a major role in the maintenance of quality.
All employees undergo initial in-house training, followed by training in the field under strict supervision. Full training records are kept on each member of staff.
The aptitude of staff is consistently monitored to ensure adherence to best work practices and maintenance of quality.
Health and safety training is high on the agenda.
Training is on-going and varied. Some staff are trained to specialize in the cleaning of PCs or printers, whilst others learn about working in technical environments such as computer or communications rooms where they are taught the dos and don'ts of working in these sensitive areas. They will be taught how to buff floors and clean under floor voids, overhead areas and equipment cabinet surfaces; in fact, all aspects of technical room cleaning.
All training focuses on our commitment to providing high quality services in a controlled and diligent manner.
Our management structure is designed to ensure that members of staff are fully supported in the field. With dedicated field management backed by office-based logistical and senior management, we do everything we can to maintain high quality service provision and customer satisfaction.